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DSP Algorithm Library Source Tool

CodeBox software provides developers with signal processing algorithm source code on demand.  To minimize any learning curve associated with implementation of the source functions CodeBox source code is written in plain flat C source for DSP algorithms such as filter design, filter implementation, transforms, signal generators, analog I/O, image processing, and more.  CodeBox is essentially a library of specialized source code for you to use in developing your signal processing applications.


  • Reduction in project cost associated with man-time savings
  • Reduction in project schedule
  • Reduction in learning curve
  • Reduction in project risk


  • Variable nomenclature
  • Algorithm details
  • Function information
  • Algorithm test routines
  • Useful for embedded DSP application development


Using CodeBox is easy - simply choose your desired function from either a category list, or an alphabetical list, and you are ready to kick-start your application.

  1. Algorithm source code is shown immediately upon selecting one of the CodeBox functions.
  2. Select a tab to view the source code for the file.
  3. A test routine that calls the algorithm is provided to show you how the function is used.
  4. Use the Export button to write the algorithm source to file where you can access it.

After exporting your function, the source files are ready for use in developing your application using standard development tools (such as a C compiler).



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