Digital Filter Design Wizard

The NEXTWave Digital Filter Design Wizard provides a streamlined approach to creating FIR and IIR filter implementations.  This software tool walks the user through easy-to-follow steps that result in the digital design of Butterworth, Chebyshev I, Chebyshev II, elliptic, and Kaiser window filters.  Impulse and frequency response graphical analysis, coefficient generation to file, and C source code creation are also included.


  • Reduction in project cost associated with man-time savings
  • Reduction in project schedule
  • Reduction in learning curve
  • Reduction in project risk


digital filter design

Design your digital filter easily by following step-by-step instructional screens


Using the Digital Filter Design Wizard is easy - simply follow a series of dialog screens and enter your design specifications.

  1. Filter design specifications are entered easily via simple to follow instructional screens
  2. Select the type of filter you want to design
  3. Enter your desired filter design specifications
  4. Observe filter's impulse and frequency response
  5. Automatically write the filter coefficients to file where you can access it
  6. Use the Filter Design Wizard to generate the C source code to implement your filter

After designing your filter, the coefficient files are ready for use in developing your application using standard development tools (such as a C compiler).


Use the generated filter in your application using standard development tools


  • FIR and IIR design selection
  • Coefficient file creation
  • Impulse response generation
  • Frequency response generation
  • C source filter code generation
  • Useful for embedded DSP application development




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