Importing an External Data File

NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab provides several methods of introducing your own data sets into the software environment for subsequent processing and analysis.  These methods include standard File Open and Drag-and-Drop data import operations.

Using External Data Files with NEXTWave SPL

In this example an external data file is imported into NEXTWave SPL where it can be processed and displayed.  A file drag-and-drop approach is used.  The resulting imported signal is then analyzed in both time and frequency domains.  The step-by-step process shown below shows how simple it is to make use of your existing data sets within the NEXTWave SPL programming and analysis environment.



Step 1:  Browse to the location of the data file that you would lile to import into the NEXTWave SPL software environment.



Step 2:  Use the mouse to select the filename and then drag the filename onto the NEXTWave SPL Viewpad.


Step 3: Enter information that describes the file. For this example, we've set its sample rate to 44100 Hz to match the sample rate used when the external file was initially sampled.


Step 4: Observe the imported signal displayed on the Viewpad as a Time Domain waveform.

time domain waveform


Step 5: Changing the number of samples to display will result in more of the signal being displayed.

time domain signal

Step 6: Selecting the Frequency Domain display button will result in the display of the signal's frequency content.

frequency response signal