NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab Software Overview

  • Display Data & Analyze Results
  • Develop and Apply Powerful Signal Processing Algorithms
  • Acquire, Import, & Generate Data


 NEXTWave™ Signal Processing Lab software has been chosen as an Editor's Choice product by Military Embedded Systems magazine for July/August 2011.

Why Use NEXTWave SPL?

NEXTWave™ Signal Processing Lab provides you with a cost-effective software environment that allows you to easily process and analyze waveform data in an entirely new manner.  It lets you see your data as never before, and uncover information that may have previously been overlooked.  It can be used standalone or in conjunction with other signal processing tool sets so as to augment your current data analysis.



NEXTWave SPL combines incredibly fast three-dimensional display technology with digital signal processing capabilities that greatly simplifies the process of working with your data.  It includes a live-action, fully-rotational spectrogram that offers enhanced frequency analysis through powerful user-selectable transforms such as traditional FFT, Constant-Q transform and arbitrary frequency band transform.  A gesture-based waveform manipulation system makes working with data sets in both time and frequency domains quick and easy.  A streamlined intuitive programming interface (see a NEXTWave SPL programming example) allows both expert and novice users to quickly and efficiently apply powerful digital signal processing techniques to their data, and easily analyze the results with a wide variety of enhanced visualizations.


NEXTWave SPL is based upon an open software architecture that allows custom algorithms to be introduced.  In addition to its analog I/O hardware support and file creation capabilities it also provides an efficient data file import system.  An included Template Wizard tool can be used to jump-start user applications.

NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab

Some real-world applications and examples using NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab software can be seen here)

So Much Data, So Little Time

The NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab is a programmable digital signal processing (DSP) software package that provides the user with an exciting and innovative interactive data analysis environment.  The 3D 'virtual world' supports analyzing existing waveform data "as is", in addition to allowing number crunching on the data (digital filter implementation, for example).  New signals may be easily created or introduced via real-time A/D data acquisition (including USB data acquisition), and your existing signals (e.g. data logging waveforms) can quickly be imported into the DSP software environment via standard data files.  With NEXTWave SPL these signals can then be subsequently analyzed, processed, and studied in detail with gesture-based waveform display.  Generate your processed signals via real-time D/A.  Waveform displays include powerful spectrogram analysis.

An Intuitive Philosophy

NEXTWave SPL is an innovative DSP software and data analysis package that provides you with a live 3D interactive signal processing programmable environment.  It puts you at the center of events - firmly in control - when you are working with signals.  It was created to improve the way signals are studied while also drastically reducing the associated learning curve.  The user is provided with exceptional data visualization which is derived from real-world engineering savvy.



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