NEXTXEN Products Support Texas Instruments DSP Development

NEXTXEN offers several leading-edge development and analysis tools that will assist the typical embedded DSP developer. Engineers developing software for Texas Instruments DSP devices can benefit from the use of products such as the Algorithm Wizard, CodeBox DSP algorithm source, and the NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab.

Engineers engaged in embedded DSP real-time application development need to be concerned about overall algorithm efficiency and reliability.  The development cycle of writing source code within TI's Code Composer Studio and then debugging the executable program on a hardware emulator can greatly benefit from the use of NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab and CodeBox DSP source library tool set.

TI 3rd Party DSP Developer Network


Software tool for automating Texas Instruments code development

The NEXTXEN xDAIS Algorithm Wizard automates the process of creating a new digital signal processing software component that conforms to the Texas Instruments Algorithm Standard – automatically making the new software component xDAIS compliant.  One can easily create new software components from scratch by simply entering basic information about the component as you step through the wizard.  The Algorithm Wizard also creates test files to aid in testing your new component to ensure proper operation.  Even project files for CCS are created to help begin the algorithm specific work. (more information)

Design Support for Code Composer Studio

The iterative process of algorithm design and test within Code Composer Studio is enhanced with the use of NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab software.  Analyze the results of your embedded application and measure its performance with a wide range of waveform display and measurement options.

Analyze Algorithm Output

Your algorithm output can be exported from a Code Composer Studio design session and analyzed quickly within the NEXTWave SPL environment to see if the application is producing the intended results.  Use sophisticated analysis tools to help keep your embedded application development on-track.


 Code Composer Studio Design Session  Import CCS data into NEXTWave SPL Environment


Use NEXTWave SPL to analyze the results of your CCS DSP design

Save Time by Testing Algorithms Prior to Writing Code

Use NEXTWave SPL's intuitive programmable environment to quickly isolate problem areas in your design, and to rapidly develop solutions - without having to write any source code.  The process of using data from your DSP application in the NEXTWave SPL environment is straightforward, and lets you quickly explore solutions by using a variety of powerful signal processing functions.


Use NEXTWave SPL to easily apply signal processing; in this example a filter is applied to remove a sinusoid noise signal

Observe the results in a variety of sophisticated waveform displays

Harness DSP Source Code for Embedded Applications

Implement your NEXTWave SPL design algorithm in source code by using CodeBox.  CodeBox DSP algorithm source allows you to generate the source code for any NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab routine so that you can use it in your Code Composer Studio project.

Create Test Signals

Create customized test signals for your DSP application quickly and easily.  Design your test signals within the NEXTWave SPL environment and then export the waveform for use in your testing.