xDAIS Algorithm Wizard from NEXTXEN

Software tool for automating Texas Instruments code development

The Texas Instruments xDAIS/xDM specification provides a modular and interoperable approach to DSP software development for TI TMS320 DSPs (e.g. TMS320C6000).  However, creating compliant code can prove to be a difficult challenge.  The Algorithm Wizard from NEXTXEN simplifies the complexity of this task and reduces the time and risk associated with creating a new algorithm that conforms to TI's software specification.

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A task that used to take days of iterative development and testing now can be accomplished in minutes.

With the Algorithm Wizard the learning curve for this detailed specification is dramatically reduced.  Source code files are automatically generated for you and ensure that you conform to the xDAIS/xDM specification from the start.


  • xDAIS/xDM Support
  • CODEC Engine Framework Support
  • Creation of algorithm files and test files
  • Automatic generation of Code Composer Studio (CSS) project files


The Algorithm Wizard automates the process of creating a new digital signal processing software component that conforms to the Texas Instruments Algorithm Standard – automatically making the new software component xDAIS compliant.  One can easily create new software components from scratch by simply entering basic information about the component as you step through the wizard.

After clicking 'Finish' the Algorithm Wizard will generate all source files required to create the new component, including support for TI's CODEC Engine Framework, with stubs left to complete the algorithm specific code.  Since the Algorithm Wizard generates source files, the user may use whatever development environment they prefer for subsequent code generation.

The Algorithm Wizard also creates test files to aid in testing your new component to ensure proper operation.  Even project files for CCS are created to help begin the algorithm specific work.



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